Biggest Minecraft Pocket Edition City Ever

This map is an ambitious project by ocdsky. They are setting out to build the largest city attempted and completed in Minecraft Pocket Edition ever (or at least, yet to date). While the map isn’t finished, you can meander around and explore what has been done. The only thing ocdsky asks is that you do not steal their map, which really is just common courtesy.

If adventuring and poking around in the most ambitiously large city in Minecraft Pocket Edition has piqued your interest, you can download this giant map here:

Ant Farm Survival!

SmokeyTheAggie created this map about a month and a half ago, but in their own words, “got lazy and never posted it”. This map is a dedicated and true port of the original Ant Farm Survival map for the PC edition of Minecraft, with just a few tweaks to make it more conducive to Minecraft Pocket Edition. SmokeyTheAggie has added tons of trees around the map, and a bunch of hidden wool. The objective of the map is to collect all of the wool and to place it in the old wooden home located in the map.

If you would like to download this map, it can be found here: http://www.mediafire…71o8eciq36g5yi5

The Gladiator

WilsMaps has created a huge multiplayer map for Minecraft Pocket Edition called The Gladiator. The map works by placing you in an arena, where there will be five waves or mobs of monsters waiting for you. After you have killed all the monsters in the first arena, you progress on to the next one, which is more difficult. When you kill a mob, it drops money, which you can then use at the in-map store to buy better equipment to defeat the hordes that are coming your way! You have beaten the game when you have beaten all five arenas! The map is only 20% complete as of right now, but you can download the beta link to test it here:

Maze of Hell Map

This map is called the maze of hell for a reason! An intricate maze covers 75% of this map, which is not yet complete. You can view previews of this map here:

This map is a PVP survival map for several players in one game. The creator of this map is Wild07010, and if you are interested in picking up the map once it is complete, keep up with them on

Minecraft Pocket Edition Village

Do you wish that Minecraft Pocket Edition had villages that would spawn just like the PC version of the game? Well, now you can have at least one village in your game thanks to Garcia523′s Minecraft Pocket Edition Village map. You can watch a video demonstrating the village in action here:

Garcia523 has completed their Minecraft Pocket Edition village by adding two blacksmiths to give it a more complete, lived in feel, and also to benefit you throughout the game. If you just want a village in your game and enjoyed Garcia523′s demonstration video of their creation, you can download their Minecraft Pocket Edition village here:



Paradisa Lingusta Adventure Map

An all original adventure map for Minecraft Pocket Edition has been made by Tengus, a user on In their own words, here is the story…

“You wake up on a raft and asking yourselve what has happened in the last hours.
Slowly your memories come back up.
Fire everywhere!!!
Screaming people!!!
A rumble of gunfire and then?…
Darkness… It wraps around you and try to pull you down…
Down into the infinite depths of the ocean…
You try to repress the horrible memories and think clearly what happened.
There it hits you like a bolt.
They attacked the ship!!!
At that moment you realize that your raft was flushed through the flow pretty close to an island approachd.
´´Saved!!´´ You think.
You swim to the island and there you find a house with a diary by a buddy of yours.
He also strandet here and try now to find the pirates and destroy their ship too.
You decide to help him.
Gradually, you will discover the dark secrets of the island and that the pirates are only the smallest problem.”

If you like the idea of the story, then download this map at: http://www.mediafire…0672znmuqkw5rcg

There is a whole slew of information that comes with this map; if you are interested, visit the original post at the following link:

Package of 25 Skins

A user on Minecraft Forums has ported 25 texture packs from Minecraft (the PC edition) to Minecraft Pocket Edition. The styles of these texture packs vary greatly and can add completely different looks and feels to your Minecraft Pocket Edition game. You can find the collection of these skins at the following link:

This link is a compilation of all of the skins that includes screenshots, download links, and original threads for each and every skin collected there.

Sand Warriors Mini Game

Download link:

Decription: This minigame could hold up to 10 people….
The objective in the game is to get the sand on your opponent’s team.
You need to survive until the end of the map to put the sand in the hole.
You need to sleep before game to spawn inside of the room.
You could get the sand by killing the opponent who possesses it.

This mini game provides fun for you and all of your friends on Minecraft Pocket Edition with engaging gameplay while keeping things simple enough to just simply be enjoyed by any and all players of all skill levels.


New Map: Ralk

Spawn location

Features:- chop trees

- dig stone
- find valuables
- trade things
- buy houses
- pay taxes
- buy empty lots
- build your own house
- swim
- battle mobs
- sleep
and more to come.

Download disclaimer:

Before you click on the link, please turn off your ad-block browser extension.
I used to find out how many downloads and visits I get so if you use ad-block I won’t know the real amount of visits.

Download link, Version 1:


Portable Battledome

The battledome has become an infamous map on the PC version of Minecraft. Now, the battledome has been ported to Minecraft Pocket Edition by Jokers485, a Minecraft forums user. The rules for this battledome are the same as the rules for the PC version of the map, with one change. Your team has to hide a piece of wool and create shears to destroy your opponent’s piece of hidden wool. The first team to destroy the other team’s wool wins!

Download: https://www.dropbox….ttledome