[0.7.2][IOS] Online Multiplayer Mod

If you get an error installing this mod, make sure you first uninstall MP Patcher for 0.6.1 / 0.7.0/0.7.1.

Requirements: ldone, MobileTerminal

Now install the MP Patcher form this source:http://cydia.myrepospace.com/kivifreak

How to use

1. Open mobileterminal and type mp.patch (ip here)

2.close terminal and open mcpe

3. if mcpe crashes, restart your device!!!!! (or restart minecraft)

On this source i will release other even bigger mods^^

Now simply open MobileTerminal and type mp.patch adress.


To undo your edits simply type mp.patch

How to install mods: Add the insabelyi repo and the xsellize repo to cydia.2. Install MobileTerminal from the default repo.3. Install clutch from xsellize.4. Install ldone.5. Install AppCake and ldone (it’s Ldone not idone) from this repo:http://cydia.iphonecake.com6. Open MobileTerminal and typesuPassword: alpine. (you won’t see what you type)7. Now type clutch minecraftpe.app8. Now open(install) ifile and go to /var/root/Documents/Cracked/In here copy the minecraftpe.ipa9. make sure you have opened appcake once.10. Go to /var/mobile/Documents/Downloaded11. Paste the minecraft.ipa in here12. Backup your minecraft worlds.13. Delete Minecraft14. Install Minecraft again using AppCake15. Use the MInecraft Patcher

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