Hexdro’s Android Mods

These are Android Mods for 0.7.2 created by Hexdro.

Nightmare is a scare themed mod pack, so far players have lower health than usual, while mobs are much stronger and faster than usual and will spawn at any time during the game (hopefully). There is also a texture pack using Pixeldrums and MCTheKids gun textures.

Nightmare Release V1 (Updated): http://www.mediafire…tojdrgzs7db18b5

V2 -New Mob skins for creepers, skeletons and zombies.

Mobs will not attack you (and whoever else is in your server) unless you provoke them with an attack, etc.
Download: http://www.mediafire…61t5k64w0w1ws99

Snowball Rapid Fire:
As long as snowballs are aimed at the ground (or at a player?) there is no wait time between snow ball shots, they are shot out at a rapid pace.
Download: http://www.mediafire…yk1z45957ly9qpa

Arrow Rapid Fire (No Charge):
There is no charge time for bows whilst shooting arrows!
Download: http://www.mediafire…kgk94pdn33267en

Climb any block, any building, anywhere any time! Just like spiderman, there is no need for ladders with the “Climb” mod! Posted Image
Download: http://www.mediafire…5qvfcmcpl6uabd5

One Hit:
One hit any person, no matter what armor they wear! As well as any mob, no need to be scared anymore Posted Image It should also work for other people (if your a host in a world).
Bugs: Pretty buggy, cannot kill mobs with arrows (shot) and fists.
Download: http://www.mediafire…82sptm2h5m1ogcd

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