Dead Mansion Map

Dead Mansion: Dead Mansionis a 3-part series of a strange man’s journey through heck. In the beginning, he has woken up in a mansion. Not remembering who he is, or how he got there, he begins to explore the mansion for an exit. Later, he discovers that the mansion is infested with monsters and various locked doors with secrets inside them. In this thrilling adventure, you play as this strange man, solving puzzles, fighting monsters, and reading signs. Try the map out, and immerse yourself in the world of Dead Mansion.

-No breaking blocks, unless it hints you can. Example: “One of the floor tiles seems different,” or “The bookshelves are very dusty and easily breakable.”
-You MUST NOT play on peaceful.
-You can only craft at workstations.
-This map is more fun and easier with friends.
-No placing blocks unless it hints you can. Example: “There is a spot for redstone ore.”
-If a door is locked, you must find an item to open it.
-No changing gamemodes.
-No flying.
-You CAN break torches off walls.
-Use torches to light up areas and prevent monster from spawning.
-Don’t leave Dead Mansion.


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