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Package of 25 Skins

A user on Minecraft Forums has ported 25 texture packs from Minecraft (the PC edition) to Minecraft Pocket Edition. The styles of these texture packs vary greatly and can add completely different looks and feels to your Minecraft Pocket Edition game. You can find the collection of these skins at the following link:

This link is a compilation of all of the skins that includes screenshots, download links, and original threads for each and every skin collected there.

Chiseled Texture Pack

The new TP is called Chiseled and is a 128x enhancement of the default texture. Do not be fooled, this by no means looks default anymore, it is a 3-D pack true to the original textures. There also seems to be a rumor that PE cannot handle 128x, I use a middle of the line iPhone 4 and I can tell you that is not the case.


Version 3.0.0


Version 2.2.0 Updated the GUI and removed that pesky MAC OSX folder

Version 2.1.0 This update took me awhile, in this update I have included seamless textures and a prettier sky. Enjoy

Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0
(Please only use if above link does not work: http://dl.dropbox.co…hiseled 2.0.zip )

Version 1.0
[size=2](Fixed for Android by sparksMC)

Chocolate Cake Mod!

This fun mod is not really a mod per say, but more of a texture pack. It re textures the cows in game to look like “chocolate cows”, changes the milk in to chocolate milk, and changes the cake to chocolate cake just by changing a few colors!

Screenshots posted of the mod/texture pack include the cows, cake, and how the cake looks at the crafting table:

Download instructions (link at the bottom):

1. Download

2. Unzip the file

3. Copy all the components

4. Go to minecraftpe.app and paste the files

5. Click overwrite all

6. Enjoy!

Download: http://bit.ly/18EcJ20

Great selection of new skins

Minecraft forums user infinitycraft has made a whole slew of skins available for download. They are as follows:

Slender Man: https://www.dropbox….10 07 27 AM.png

Boba Fett: https://www.dropbox…. 5 09 07 PM.png

Enderman: https://www.dropbox…. 8 26 08 PM.png

Barack Obama: https://www.dropbox…. 9 00 16 PM.png

Big Daddy: https://www.dropbox…. 4 48 10 PM.png

Jay Ninjago: http://dl.dropbox.co… 1 43 11 PM.png

Notch: http://www.4shared.c…219_155216.html

Structural Engineer (skin used by infinitycraft) : http://www.4shared.c…219_160541.html

The download link for each skin is right next to it in the list. Enjoy!